Full moon in Paris …

The other night  (Thursday, March 8th, I believe), my mom and I were walking over the Seine on our way back to our apartment on Ile Saint Louis. When we looked up we couldn’t believe it … the moon was the fullest I have ever seen! It was really amazing … almost everyone stopped to look …

So pretty. : )

We were so lucky to be on the Pont de l'Archeveche bridge across from Notre Dame when the moon was rising ...

City of lights ... that's the light from the Eiffel Tower in the left hand corner, and all of the things on the side of the bridge are locks that couples put there. Doesn't Notre Dame look incredible?

My beautiful mommy and a beautiful moon ... doesn't it look like a painting?

I heard that the moon was gorgeous in Marin that night, too. According to this Yahoo article, it happens around this time every year, and it’s called everything from the Lenten Moon to the Sugar Moon to the Worm Moon … I just call it beautiful. : )


Rain in Paris

It rained in Paris … amazing that it was still so beautiful. : )

Caught in the rain!

Let's not forget the wind ... luckily my little umbrella stayed strong. : )

The Seine. : )

Mmmmmmm …. macarons in Paris.

Laduree is definitely the most famous place for macarons ... we haven't gone there yet, but we will. : )

You know how I haven’t written much in the past few days? That’s because I’ve been terribly busy indulging in my latest Parisian discovery … macarons! I know, I know, everybody writes about the delicious little cookies, but oh. my. gosh. I hadn’t really tried one before because I figured they’d taste all sugary and dry like a meringue, but I am so glad that I finally did! My first one was at Paul’s … a large chocolate one. It was amazing … so brownie – like! Then I tried a coffee flavored one (also large … okay, I always order the giant ones unless otherwise noted : ) at a cute little boulangerie in the 7th that I’m ashamed to say I don’t know the name of … and it was amazing, too! Also brownie-like, but a bit lighter with a thicker cream in the middle. My third macaron experience was of the mini variety … a tiny, bite sized pistachio flavor somewhere in the 2nd. The fourth one was a real ground-braker, though … I found it at Au Panetier (10 Place des Petits Pères, in the 2nd arr.) after one of my castings. It was chocolate, with a soft, airy, cake-like cookie part and a filling that was a thick frosting. I seriously almost passed out when I tasted it, it was so good. The my fifth one – okay, I didn’t realize I’ve had so many, this is getting embarrassing – was pistachio flavored from Paul’s, and super delicious. Then I headed back to Au Panetier for my sixth one yesterday, and decided to be adventurous and try the lemon flavor. That was good, but totally different than chocolate or coffee or even pistachio, and very sweet – but I would  totally have one again, especially in the summer. Today’s macaron was from Eric Kayser, and back to chocolate. I loved this one, too … it was rich, and tasted like a hot fudge brownie, with a really smooth and thick filling. Oh great, now I’m hungry.

Au Panetier ... Amazing!!! I could have eaten everything in the shop. : )

P.S. – Since Subway was turned down by the Mill Valley planning commission (three cheers for that one! Yayyyy!!!) I’m thinking someone needs to open a macaron shop there. Unless someone wants to open a crepe place like I suggested in this post – I would be good with that, too. : )

America in Paris?

I walked past this American restaurant on my way to one of my castings in 10th arr the other day.  Somehow it doesn’t really remind me of Marin … And, um, don’t worry … I didn’t eat there. : )

I especially love the giant hot dog.

OMG! Look who I found!

Pops of color in Paris

Yesterday I had a casting in Montmarte, the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The casting, of course, was on the “seedier” side of Montmarte (I think they like to test our dedication), but afterwords my mom and I had fun wandering over to the cute parts of the neighborhood. We even visited Sacre Coeur … but more on all of that later. In the meanwhile, here’s some pics to tide you over – we just loved all of the pops of color!

Just walking to my casting ...

Tsk, tsk ... graffiti!

Pretty in pink! The relatively touristy area above Sacre Coeur.

Awww .... this little one belongs at Small Dog Sleepover!

And the color continues ... away from the tourists (not that there actually are any in Feb) and down to the local area of Montmarte.

Thanks to Sharonjean and Rick - owners of the Prince William the Pallpion - for recommending this adorable boutique, Pylones!

Pick a color, any color ... I wonder if these three shops coordinated.

The pink graffiti was not there when I was in the area for a photoshoot last week … these people need to be careful or they’re going to run out of room!


Wow, somebody wants votes really badly ... but I appreciate the choice of paint color.

Oh, and speaking of my Montmarte photoshoot … my agency just sent me one of the images from that. Hope you like it! : )

Photography by Lucie Bremeault.

Confirmed: Paris’s crepes are still really, really good.

So, today I decided to go back to Aux Mielleures to make sure that the crepes are still as amazing and absolutely delicious as they were before. They are.

Ordering "une crêpe aux champignons et fromage" at Aux Meilleures ... yum!!! : )

Sunshine in Paris!

Hello, hello! I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything – things got a bit busy – but I just had to share these pics that I took at the Trocadéro (in the 16th arr) yesterday. It was one of those freezing-cold-but-crazy-gorgeous-and-sunny kind of days, which was soooooo refreshing. I can’t be the only one who felt that way – the place was full of people roller skating, skateboarding, waiting in ridiculously long lines at cafes … The fountains had even frozen over, so people were walking in the ice. I was a little afraid that it was going to crack, but I braced myself and went for it, too. : )

SO pretty! The Trocadéro in the winter.

So, anyway, it was wonderful to bask in a little bit of sunlight … even if we had to wear sweaters under coats with scarves and around ten layers of socks while doing so. : )

Such a busy little place! The 16th and Trocadéro are on the right bank, but the Pont d'Lena bridge crosses the Seine river, over to the left bank and the Eiffel Tower.

The frozen fountains in the evening ... hard to believe that people swim in them in the summer

Sunshine!!! Can't help jumping for joy. : )

By the way … this was the first time that we really went deep into the 16th (I was there for a photoshoot yesterday), and I liked it. It felt a little bit different than the rest of Paris – more quiet and neighborhood-y, probably because it  doesn’t have many tourist attractions (except for Trocadero!) Actually, it reminded me quite a bit of the Presidio in SF. If you go there, you simply must stop at La Petite Marquise on Place Victor Hugo … it was hands down the most popular bakery with the locals (the line went out the door!)  and the baguettes were amazing. : )

La Petite Marquise ... très bien!

The end of the (metro) line in Paris

Surprised by suburbia ...

So, the other day my mom and I ventured to the suburbs for a photoshoot. To be honest, I was surprised – it was so … not Parisian. It still felt like a city – or, at least the outskirts of a city – but  there were no little alleyways, no old, pretty buildings, no adorable cafes, nobody strolling down the street gnawing on a baguette. I don’t know … It was just bizarre to get onto the metro (M9) in a quintessential Parisian neighborhood, and then step off of at the end of the line and see a mini mall and some highly unattractive architecture. There was a huge flea market going on, though, so the place had energy … we would have stopped to browse, but it was SO freezing cold … don’t let the sunshine fool you!

Headed back onto the M9 metro ...

But don’t get me wrong – I’m definitely not complaining. I got to shoot with the most amazing photographer … his name is ToMa, and his whole philosophy is that natural is better. The lighting was just a single window, and he had me wear no makeup – actually, I didn’t even brush my hair. I got the photos today and they turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself … it’s refreshing to add something so simple to my book.

One of my favorite shots by ToMa


Snowfall in Paris …

Guess what, guess what??? It snowed today! Imagine my surprise when I took out the trash this morning and discovered snow on the bins …  I guess I may have slept in a bit late today. : )

Well, surprise, surprise!

Awww ... don't Smart cars look cute when they're all snowy? : )

If it snowed in Marin, something tells me it would look a bit like this ...

Meanwhile, it’s 66 degrees (fahrenheit) back in Marin …  today my dad sent me this photo of our plum tree in full bloom!

Mill Valley flowers in full bloom ... and it's February!!!

But, hey, I’m not complaining … Paris has it’s own version of flower power.

Who said Paris isn't in bloom, too? : )

Paris has cute … cars!

Flower Power in Paris!

Remember the Prius age that hit Marin a couple of years ago? You couldn’t drive two feet without seeing one. Now we seem to be in the era of Mini Coopers, plus Fiats are totally on the rise. But, to be honest, in the little (and adorable!) car category, Paris totally has us beat.

So Smart.

I would say that the most common tiny car around are the Smart cars – you know, the unbelievably cute electric cars that somehow make you want to hug them. Anyway, those seem to be everywhere. Which makes sense, really – you see, they have a flat back which is perfect because, in Paris, it is considered totally and completely acceptable to bump someone while parking. Mini Coopers don’t seem as popular, but they do have a ton of Fiats … I even saw a bright pink Barbie themed Fiat the other day, which was adorable. But the car that I really, really, really love? They have these amazing, teeny, tiny vintage ones that look like a cross between a VW bug and a Mini, with 10 x the cuteness. Um, I want one! : )

Hmmm ... do you think anyone would notice if I just drove off in this?

Pop of color. : )

It really doesn't seem fair that one city can have so much cuteness. Thanks to pretemoiparis.com for this last pic!